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Technical Support

WordPress is an incredible content management system (CMS). But like most website management systems there can be integration, performance and security issues. Common errors include: Critical Errors, White Screens, 400 Errors, Database Issues, PHP Errors and much more. We can help resolve these common issues and prevent future errors from ever happening.

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Branded and Creative

Custom Designs

WordPress websites have been popular since their introduction in 2003. Many businesses have built their online presence around this popular system. However, we need to ensure that your WordPress websites are kept up to date. Therefore, plugins, themes and core files need to be updated to avoid security vulnerabilities. Additionally, performance needs to be prioritized because it helps improve Search Engine Optimization and the User Experience. Choose Newave Marketing for a seamless transition when we update and/or redesign your WordPress website.

Preventative Solutions

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Prevent Future

Headaches and Downtime.

Updates, Backups, Security, and


Are you considering a redesign for your WordPress website? Have you been told you need to update your theme? Updating your theme can be beneficial for a number of reasons. First, it can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Second, it can create a better User Experience (UX). Third, it can provide more security and reliability. Contact us for valuable recommendations when choosing your theme and avoid potential headaches and down time.

Recent Work

Client WordPress Website

WordPress Website Rebuild

We noticed the digital advertising campaigns for Signature Graphics were not as successful as they once were. We recommended updating their website to improve conversion rates. The results have been great! We’ve seen an increase in phone calls, emails and conversion rates. In addition to a more optimized website, the company received the brand refresh that they were looking for!

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Friendly and Informative Training Sessions.

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We Fix Errors and Technical Issues

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Inclusion and accessibility are more attainable now than ever. We can implement accessibility changes so that your site meets AODA or WCAG requirements; meeting accessibility standards is a requirement in most regions in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, there are a number of added benefits for implementing various accessibility changes (e.g. better Search Engine Optimization, higher conversion rates, better UI/UX, & more).

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