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Growing Platform.
Cheaper CPC.
4% of Search Market.

  • Reach an Older Demographic
  • Users have Higher Purchasing Power
  • Reach millions of people in Canada and the United States
  • Bing Leverages Microsoft Copilot AI
  • Cheaper Cost Per Click
Microsoft Ads - Piggy Bank
Microsoft Search Users
Mature Audience,
More Purchasing Power

Microsoft Advertising offers the opportunity to reach a more mature audience. We can target specific age groups. This provides us with an opportunity to reach users with more purchasing power. These users typically use Bing, Yahoo, or a number of other Microsoft Ads products.

Lower CPC 3D Block Graph
Usually Provides a
Lower Cost-Per-Click

There is less competition on Microsoft Advertising products. Therefore, the cost-per-click (CPC) is lower across that platform. This could mean that you’re able to both reach a different audience and pay less to do so. This can be advantageous for businesses in competitive industries where CPC rates on Google are too expensive.

We Can Reach
Another Audience

Microsoft’s unique audience are usually not as active on Google. This provides us with an opportunity to reach a different audience. Consider diversifying your digital advertising to provide a more stable and balanced marketing mix.

A Balanced Approach

Diversify your Digital Marketing efforts to save money and reach a greater audience.

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