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Adaptive and Affordable Marketing

Much like how water adapts to its surroundings, agile marketing embraces flexibility and responsiveness as trends, technology and markets change.

Embarking on each project with foresight, we build each campaign to accomplish the immediate goal, while also being adaptable for future expansion. Our goal is to create a cohesive brand experience across all channels, while delivering budget-friendly solutions with measurable results.

Inspired by the Adaptability of Water

The vision for the brand was inspired by a quote from martial-arts legend Bruce Lee in an interview with Canadian broadcaster Pierre Berton in 1971.

Just as water changes state to fit any container, we adapt marketing plans to meet each clients’ unique needs. We deliver tailored solutions to fit, almost seamlessly, with any organization’s capabilities, capacity, and goals.

Lettermark & Typographic Logos
Brand Design Process
Letters N-W-M
Wave Form
Water Elements
Water Droplets
Graphic showing hidden water drops in the negative space in the Newave Marketing logo
Font Choice
Newave logotype with font name Mermaid
Brand Taglines
Logo Lockups
Brand Character
Fresh, Clear, Cool, Agile
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